Graham Hicks

Finance & OHS Manager

About Graham

"The very existence of youth is due in part to the necessity for play; the animal does not play because he is young, he has a period of youth because he must play"

Karl Groos, German evolutionary biologist


Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

My Professional Background

As a grown up I graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Curtin University. I have worked for KPMG, Co-founded a Hewlett Packard Dealership called Centari Systems, worked in sales for OfficeMax and worked in Small Business Advice for The Australian Taxation Office.

My Philosophy

Up until the age of 9 I lived on 5 acres on the outskirts Hurstbridge, Victoria in district called Dunmoochin. Dunmoochin in the seventies was populated with hippies, artists and dairy farmers. I remember playing in the mud pond of a mud brick patch, diverting streams into hand dug dams, setting traps for yabbies, being chased by bulls across paddocks and relaxing in the satisfying comfort of a cubby shelter made of sticks, leaves and rocks.

When I turned 10 my father shifted the family to Perth for a warmer climate. We ended up in Kalamunda on a suburban sized block. But our back yard faced a natural bush reserve with an old railway line passing through it. I remember spending so much time exploring the extents of the reserve, riding my bike, collecting sticks for fires, throwing honky nuts, and listening to the birds while lying on a granite outcrop.

Although my professional experience is more practical and business-like it gives me much satisfaction to be involved in a company that designs and constructs natural play environments and encourages free play in our busy urbanised society. All children deserve the kind of experiences I was fortunate to have as a child.