Cubby Making

Creating, constructing, co-operating... young people have nearly all it takes to make a great cubby and what is lacking in materials is what Nature Play Solutions bring to your Cubby Making incursion.

"Being able to see the children take cubbies to the next level with such a wide choice of materials was great to see.  The educators (myself) in particular had to step back and let the children construct it on their own, which proved how engaging it was for both parties"

Teacher at Cubby Making incursion

Our Cubby Making incursions allow children to work together to build a simple lean-to, a sturdy tee-pee or even a cardboard 'Taj Mahal'.

The sense of achievement a child experiences when sitting and playing within their very own cubby construction will be both memorable and rewarding.  When children are provided with sticks, fabric, ropes, nets... the results can be astounding.  While they are busy with planning and building they are also engaging in a wide variety of curriculum learning areas.

To create a free-standing cubby, young people will be negotiating with peers as well as with the forces of nature.  Developing dexterity, engaging both their gross and fine motor skills, and importantly, applying risk management skills when the ultimate decision comes as to whether they trust their work and will sit in their very own cubby.

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