Loose Parts Play

Loose Parts are not toys - they are items with no defined use that can be moved, changed and manipulated.

"This idea is wonderful.  My 3 year old will not usually join in and play but today he really enjoyed himself and expanded his limits by leaving my side and play with the play worker.  Thanks for showing him 'HE CAN DO IT'"

Mum at Loose Parts Play

Loose Parts come with no instructions: rather, they invite children to use their own imagination and creativity to develop their own play scripts.

Nature Play Solutions has embraced this concept and carefully put together an eclectic collection of natural and manufactured, recycled or recyclable materials for a unique Loose Parts Play experience.  Play workers facilitate the activity by guiding the play without restricting the children's natural capacity to create.

Loose Parts Play provides plenty of decision making opportunities.  When supported well, Loose Parts Play suits each child so that a 'just right' challenge level can be attained by many children of different ages at the same time.   

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We've also established our 'Loose Parts Play Network' to help organisations create ongoing Loose Parts Play opportunities.  Read more, for more information