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Administration and Accounts Manager

About Graham

"The very existence of youth is due in part to the necessity for play; the animal does not play because he is young, he has a period of youth because he must play"

Karl Groos, German evolutionary biologist


Trade Qualified Landscape Construction

My Professional Background

After completing my apprenticeship in Landscape Construction, where I spent 5 years working predominantly on residential properties, I made the move to Nature Play Solutions to pursue my interest and passion for creating environments of play. 

During my time at Nature Play Solutions I have transitioned through a number of roles, developing an extensive understanding for the company through all aspects. I have worked in roles including On-site Construction & Supervising; Client Liaison; Business Development and Admin & Accounts Management. This includes an 18-month stint on Australia's East Coast working within those roles to develop the business. 

My Philosophy

Growing up I was fortunate enough to live on a large block in the Perth Hills, where I had the freedom to build cubby houses out of shrubs, climb to the top of the tallest trees and catch yabbies in the flowing creek in our front yard. Both of my grandparents also have large amounts of land, totaling to 140 acres between them, providing copious amounts of untouched land and vegetation to play and learn on. My Grandparents on my Dad's side are Italian and they owned and operated an orchard in the hills of Pickering Book for many years. Distributing predominantly apples, yet having a collection of most fruits, it was here that I learnt to appreciate nature and the outdoors.

Although I have transitioned into more of a business-oriented role, I maintain a very good understanding of the value and necessity for the play opportunities Nature Play Solutions provide. I strongly believe that it is through play that children develop essential language, emotional, social and intellectual skills, that will ultimately assist with their future endeavours - both work and life oriented