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Mohamed Marzouk

Senior Structural Engineer

About Eleanor

“Necessity may be the mother of invention

but play is certainly the father.”

Roger Van Oech

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

My Professional Background

As a Chartered Engineer and a certified project management professional I find fulfilment in undertaking challenging opportunity. I enjoy projects where I can utilise my technical accomplishments and diverse experience. I have always sought to work on developing engineering projects from start to handover that are within targeted time and budget. I am very capable of taking technical decisions through applied investigations and working collaboratively with a diverse team to generate pragmatic solutions.

My engineering field experience spans more than 15 years and multiple countries. 

My Philosophy

Growing up in Egypt, opportunities for play were very different to what my children are now exposed to in Australia. 

As a father I look for was that my children can learn through play / be exposed to a variety of play environments / 


Engineers Australia
Project Management Institute - USA


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