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It is with reluctance that, for the time being, we are putting incursions on hold. 

"It was definitely the most unique and fun activity I have ever participated in with young children.  Thank you for being so helpful, enthusiastic and engaging with everyone.  Rarely do we encounter such professionalism and willingness to work at making opportunities like this so enjoyable and easy to deliver."

Teacher at Messy Mud Day

In March 2021, after almost 7 years of delivering incursions for Nature Play Solutions and ‘changing lives’ for countless children, our primary Playworker decided that it was time for a new journey in her life and moved on to other things. 

With the uncertainty created by Covid-19, we were not in a position to replace her, and as such stopped doing incursions from 2nd March 2021.  We also put the Loose Parts Play Network on hold for any new customers, although delivered all bags for those who had already signed up and paid for 2021.

Should things change and the prospect of doing incursions looks more stable we will reopen bookings for the incursions. It has been our privilege to enhance the lives of so many children through the experience of open-ended play.

In the meantime, we are still wanting to offer support to people who would like to expand play opportunities.  The following are still available:


15kg mud bags – run your own incursion/activity with some of the mud bags.  These come with an ideas sheet to help you run your own fun mud activity.  Prices are $20 per bag per or $15 per bag when buying 6 or more.

1 x cubic metre bag of mud – if you want the whole school to have fun, this is the size you are looking for!  This can be forklifted onto your ute or trailer or we can deliver.  The Nature Play Solutions Messy Mud Mix is a very specific combination of sands that gives the ultimate sensory play experience and can be watered into lawn for ease of cleaning at the end of play. Mud fun ideas sheet also accompanies this. $540 plus delivery (cost of delivery depends on location).

Timber offcuts – loose parts fun, no storage needed as these can stay outside in any weather!  The longer the kids have these, the more creative they get!  Bring a box, a car boot, ute tray or a trailer – prices are below.  Please note that these are offcuts, so you might want to provide some sandpaper for those who would enjoy smoothing the edges.

Box (any size!) - $50

Car boot - $80

Ute tray/Trailer $120

Professional Learning Workshops – designed to help you enhance the play opportunities for your children and considers why great play is important for learning.  Price depends on size of the school. 

Play Space Design and/or Build – if you are planning to change your outdoor environment and would like assistance with any aspect of this, let us know how we can help.


While this is a big change for us, and feels very difficult to think that we won’t be offering the incursions as a facilitated activity, we hope that we can still be of assistance in supporting you to offer valuable play – feel free to contact us anytime. Our team at Nature Play Solutions includes highly experienced people in the field of play. 


Emma and Chris and the team at Nature Play Solutions

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