At Nature Play Solutions we offer diverse play experiences that connect kids with nature, while also supporting a range of curriculum outcomes and most importantly are lots of  fun.

"It was definitely the most unique and fun activity I have ever participated in with you children.  Thank you for being so helpful, enthusiastic and engaging with everyone.  Rarely do we encounter such professionalism and willingness to work at making opportunities like this so enjoyable and easy to deliver."

Teacher at Messy Mud Day

We bring all required materials (apart from water) and set up on the day, as well as clear and pack up thoroughly at the conclusion of the activity.

Messy Mud Day
Loose Parts Play
Never Too Old
Cubby Making
Unearth It!
Bags of Mud Mix

Each Incursion is tailored to suit who will be playing – from toddlers to teens, a child/parent or community event or even a staff ‘play day’ to consolidate learning about the benefits of play.

Our Incursions provide:

•   An open-ended play experience
•   An opportunity to plan and prepare for the event
•   A creative and energetic outlet, as well as opportunities to be calm and reflective
•   New textural and sensory experiences
•   A chance to be out of their comfort zone
•   Permission to be ‘silly’ and have fun
•   Stories of fun and adventure to talk, draw and write about

Public Open Space
Childcare and Children's Services