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Play Space Design + Build

We believe a nature play space is much more than timber equipment in a mulch pit! 
Our play spaces, first and foremost, offer quality play opportunities

Tailor made for your location and conditions, we design and build flexible, open-ended spaces that invite and stimulate quality play experiences.

Our play space development services are tailored to suit the needs of the different sectors we serve

Public Open Space
Early Childhood
Indoor & Urban

Nature Play Solutions was founded to provide design and build solutions for play space developments. We recognise the development of quality play spaces requires specialised skills and we provide a single point of responsibility for project delivery and quality – along with maximising play opportunities from the available budget. Our multi-disciplinary team has skills and expertise in all aspects of play space design and build projects.

We design better play spaces through the sensitive integration of play elements, landform, journey pathways, cosy spaces and areas for exploration. We also make extensive use of natural vegetation and shade – important not only for the aesthetics and play value of a newly built play space but because this helps to improve a play space over time.

Designing and installing a nature-based play space is an exciting undertaking. When we build a play space, we use the site’s natural assets to their best advantage, ensuring that the built and natural features look like they were always meant to be there to maximise quality nature-based play opportunities from the available budget in the following ways:

• It starts with our multi-disciplinary team who have the skills and expertise to cover all aspects of consultation, analysis, design, product development, construction, installation and support.

• The team also have a deep understanding of important considerations such as safety standards and quality play.

• The process of conveying design intent from the designers to the construction team is efficient and truly collaborative, which is particularly important when working with bespoke designs and using natural materials.

• Time and effort spent documenting detailed design is significantly reduced during a Design and Build project, allowing this aspect of the budget to be directed towards enhanced play opportunities.

Public Open Space

Our play space developments for public open space are robust and designed for the rigours of public use and seamlessly integrate play elements within a beautiful landscaped setting, making use of natural shade, vegetation and landform.

For new residential estates we work with the estate’s landscape architect to provide a turnkey play space design and build package that integrates with the surrounding landscaping themes and enhances the appeal of the estate.

We also work with local councils to facilitate community consultation and to take an aspiration of ‘having a nature-based play space’ to a common understanding of what that means and shaping a concept design to engage the community.

Childcare and Children's Services

We understand the importance of the outdoor play and learning environment in child care settings: the need to provide rich play experiences that support children’s development across multiple domains and support a centre’s ability to implement the National Quality Standard. As our experience serving this sector has grown, so has our knowledge, expertise and reputation. Our designs provide age-appropriate play opportunities that engage children for sustained periods of time, as well as meeting licensing requirements.

Our work with children’s services includes both greenfield developments and the refurbishment of existing outdoor environments.


Our work with schools to develop a nature-based play spaces comes in many shapes, sizes and forms…

• For new building projects we work with the project architect to provide a design & build package that integrates with the new facilities

• Existing play spaces can be renewed completely or integrated with existing features. Starting with a concept design, we can provide a clear picture of features and layout that can be provided within a target budget

• The creation of a school play space master-plan can help provide a long term vision for future developments

• Our Community-Build program has been established to assist schools who have access to their own materials and resources.


We have developed consultation tools to assist with the facilitation of community input into play space projects. These tools are available for projects of any size.

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