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Our Purpose

Play is an essential part of life - we exist to provide play opportunities for everyone


Our Values

Developing Our Values

Every staff member was involved in developing our company values and creating the definitions of what they mean to each of us.

Our company culture is founded on these values and they are at the heart of how we operate - they guide our work and the interactions of all employees as we create wonderful play opportunities.


Read on to know more about each of our company values.

Deliver Quality

To Deliver Quality means putting care and thought into every task.

Always delivering the best possible outcome across all areas of the company - from customer service through to built outcome.

Always aiming to improve on the benchmark and constant reassessment, with a commitment to providing the highest quality &/or service on a consistent basis and striving to improve. 

Think Creatively
Think Creatively

To Think Creatively means 'thinking outside the box' to make things better. Being courageous enough to push past the norm.

Open & Honest Communication
Open & Honest Communication

To have Open & Honest Communication I need to say what needs to be said, but in a sensitive, respectful and thoughtful way. 

I need to listen to others and respect the other person's point of view.

It is important that I feel comfortable to share/say what I think, and know that my opinion counts.

Be Reliable
Be Reliable

Being Reliable means meeting deadlines and following through with commitments. I communicate with others if I can't so arrangements can be made.

To be reliable, I need to plan ahead so I don't let others down.

Be Engaged
Be Engaged

Being engaged means I care about my work and the job I do.

It means I am passionate about the goal of bringing great play opportunities to life, and the satisfaction of seeing transformations, for example products coming to life or a site being transformed.

When engaged, I understand the value of my role and how it helps the whole team create great play opportunities for kids.

Be Supportive
Be Supportive

Being Supportive means having empathy for others and being aware that I don't know about their individual situation.

Being able to ask for help and receiving the help I need.

It means being approachable.

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