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Loose Parts Play Network

"Those who play rarely become brittle in the face of stress or lose the healing capacity of humour."

Stuart Brown

Loose Parts are generally robust materials and will provide hours of play opportunities, however some items may deteriorate over time.  The Loose Parts Play Network has been established to support quality play and ensure:

  • Children have access to sufficient loose parts materials

  • The range of materials available for play is being refreshed regularly

  • Teachers and educators have ongoing support and access to like-minded people

Membership includes:

  • A delivery of loose parts each term selected by our playwork team

  • Ongoing support and guidance from the Nature Play Solutions team via phone or email

  • Discounts on our professional learning sessions

As of 2nd March 2021, we are no longer in a position to offer our beloved incursions. In addition to this, we will no longer be accepting new members to the Loose Parts Play Network however will continue to deliver discounts, support and, of course, bags of Loose Parts for those who have already signed up for 2021. 

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