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Mt Claremont Nature Play Space

Simone Marsh

Landscape Architect

"I will understand problem solving, self-exploration, decision making, number relationships, structures, complex vocabulary, healthy living, cause and effect, creativity, imaginative thinking and my natural world when I am big. Because I play outside when I am little."

Benedict Carey.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

My Professional Background

I am a Registered Landscape Architect with over 14 years experience both in Australia and abroad. I have extensive experience designing play environments as well as public domain, education, commercial, high and medium density residential and private residential projects. I have experience across all areas of project delivery including liaising with clients, community consultation, site analysis, conceptual design, detail design and planting plans, contract documentation and administration as well as liaising with contractors and authorities.

My Philosophy

As a child of the early 80’s I was lucky enough to grow up on a ¼ acre block and the majority of my childhood memories are of building cubbies, climbing trees, riding bikes on the street and getting dirt under my fingernails in the garden. We would play outside until it was almost dark and my mum would call us to come in for dinner (even then she often had to battle on her hands to get us inside).

Travelling extensively throughout Western Australia’s remote landscapes as a child and young adult further developed my deep passion for nature and conservation. The opportunity to clamber through gorges, jump off cliffs into rivers, get messy in the red dirt, explore empty beaches and stare at skies full of stars will stay with me forever.

Those landscape experiences and the play opportunities they afforded me have left a lasting impression on my sense of identity and fuel my passion for designing natural urban play settings for children who may not have the opportunity to access such landscapes. As our cities grow, access to wilderness and natural play spaces become increasingly critical for our children to develop an appreciation of the environment, evolve into its future custodians and develop risk management skills, resilience and self-confidence.

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