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Terry Hetherton

Operations Manager

About Terry

"We all need empty hours in our lives or we will have no time to create or dream."

Robert Coles (Contemporary American child psychologist)


Trade Qualified - Brick Laying & Stone Masonry

My Professional Background

Completing my apprenticeship as a bricklayer and stone mason through my family business led to me working hard, with family as a main focus. Emigrating to Australia and working for Nature Play Solutions has enabled me to expand my experience in the construction industry with family and child’s play still the centre of the company. Constructing high quality nature based playgrounds brings me back to my time being care free and having fun, but now on a daily basis. My strong background in construction enables me to offer the best quality workmanship with some personality to every child we cater for, including the big ones!

My Philosophy

Having a family of 7 siblings and now 13 nieces and nephews I have been lucky to have been brought up with great knowledge of the importance of child’s play. Growing up in the Irish countryside with a large family always evoked lots of fun and mischief. Running through the fields with the dog, getting into trouble with my older brothers and playing hide and go seek in the vast farmland that surrounds my family home meant we could play for hours. Plenty of rain and mud, along with constructing huts and tree houses brings back the memories of a great outdoors, carefree childhood – and a lot of muddy clothes for my mother to wash.

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