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Timber Offcuts

Creating, constructing, refining.... the potential kids find in
beautiful pieces of wood will surprise you. 

"They are being so creative! The variety of shapes works really well."

Year 2 Teacher 

loose parts timber offcuts 3.jpg
loose parts timber offcuts 1.jpg
loose parts timber offcuts 2.jpg

Nature Play Solutions creates beautiful timber play equipment but we're not the only ones! Children see masses of potential in pieces of timber and work with persistence to enhance individual pieces and collaborate to create surprising structures.


The timber offcuts provide the joy of loose parts play and can be stored outside in any weather. The longer kids have access to these, the more creative they get!


Bring a box, a car boot, ute or a trailer and remember the sandpaper for those who like to create the more refined things in life (excellent for improving hand strength and dexterity)

Box (any size!) $50

Car boot $80

Ute tray / trailer $120


"They are having so much fun with the wooden loose parts! Took them a while but now they can't get enough of it!

We sanded about half of them. Now I just leave the sand paper out and if they feel something is too rough then they sand it back a bit. 

The sanding wasn't hard for them either - they actually loved it!

I had lots of 'fireside' chats with the boys while sanding - we solved all kinds of upsets as we worked away.  Just the best - thank you so much."

(Primary teacher, Aquinas College)

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