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Messy Mud Mix Bulka Bag

The opportunity to get really dirty doesn't seem to happen often enough!

"What an excellent sensory experience had by staff and children.  The smiles and engagement for the children in the experience told the story of the fun they were having and I can only imagine the learning that is taking place also."

Teacher at Messy Mud Day

If you are considering a way for the whole community to engage in a fun experience, this is what you are looking for! One cubic metre of customised sands for the ultimate mud play. 

Our Messy Mud Day provides an ideal opportunity to engage children in a unique and memorable play activity.  

Organising a Messy Mud experience invites children to be involved in planning and preparing for the event and can encourage them to discuss and decide ideas such as what they should wear, what toys or 'loose parts' they might want to bring and how they could be used, how will it be cleaned up and what will be the best way to re-tell their experience.

Nature Play Solutions Messy Mud Mix is a sensory thrill as children are allowed the freedom to make a mess. This can be quite a challenge for some people yet a very important part of childhood development.

1. Contact Us to arrange your order and delivery ($540 per cubic metre plus delivery)

2. The Bulka Bag can be forklifted onto your trailer or ute, or we can deliver.

3. Combine Messy Mud Mix + Water + Children / Teachers / Parents

Use the form below to book your own Messy Mud Mix.

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