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Public Open Space

Our play space developments for public open space are robust and designed for the rigours of public use and seamlessly integrate play elements within a beautiful landscaped setting, making use of natural shade, vegetation and landform.

"Thanks again for doing a great job – we are all very pleased with the playground. It is an asset to the estate."

Holland Park Estate Project Manager

We believe a nature play space is much more than timber equipment in a mulch pit!  Our play spaces, first and foremost, offer quality play opportunities.  We achieve this through the sensitive integration of play elements, landform, journey pathways, cosy spaces and areas for exploration. We also make extensive use of natural vegetation and shade – important not only for the aesthetics and play value of a newly built play space, it also improves the play space over time.

For new residential estates we work with the estate’s landscape architect to provide a turnkey play space design and build package that integrates with the surrounding landscaping themes and enhances the appeal of the estate.

Our reputation has been built upon the successful delivery of an extensive portfolio of
design and build projects across a range of sectors including public open spaces, schools
and children’s services.

Our engagement with Public Open Space projects suits the needs of the client, whether that be:

  • Design & build

  • Community consultation

  • Design only and documentation

  • Construction services on tendered projects

Click here to see more photos in our Gallery - Public Open Space

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